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Summer Bedding Now In!!

Summer Bedding Now In!

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Plant of the Week: Clematis

Plant of the Week: Clematis

There's a clematis in flower for every month of the year, so they say: and you'll find some of the prettiest on sale in full bloom right now in our garden centre. Best of all, these are the clematis which need minimal pruning: just leave well alone unless they outgrow their space, when you can trim them back after flowering.

The montana group are frothing into a flurry of blossom right now: 'Tetrarose' is rose pink while 'Grandiflora' is purest white. Both are sweetly perfumed. And flowering through May, macropetala varieties have large, elegantly nodding flowers. 'Rosy O'Grady' is dusky pink, while 'Wesselton' is a delicate lavender. 

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